August 17th, 2019

Back to Class

I was back to class on Thursday and it wasn’t terrifying. In my stat class, there was a young woman who was an intern in Sen. Perdue’s office so I have someone to work with. That is a huge help.

I’ve been feeling terrible and found out on Thursday that I have pneumonia. So I’m taking an antibiotic “cocktail” and hopefully by class on Tuesday, I will feel better.

I meet with the new graduate advisor on Wednesday and will make an extra trip to Athens this week. Since I took a couple of semesters off, the students in my classes are getting younger as I am getting older. But it will all work out.

I’m not panicking yet. I’m really looking forward to the judicial politics class and will love the readings in there. I’m having a bit of a writer’s block, so I’m a bit worried about this. This post is mostly me rambling, so I’ll end it here.