August 12th, 2016

First Day of Class—In 37 years!

I signed up for two classes. I decided to defer math to next year because I don’t want to kill myself in the first semester. This will be a long road for me, but I’m excited to start. I’m taking political theory and research methods this semester.

I’m a talker and I love and know a great deal about politics and part of your grade is participation, so I’m thinking this is right up my alley. But how much is too much talking?  That is always a problem for me.

The first class was in Peabody Hall, a nice, old traditional classroom building on Old Campus at UGA. I got there early and started feeling nervous. I’m sitting in the hall with what I’m sure are the other students in my class. Nobody is talking.  I’m not talking because I had to climb three flights of stairs at a pace where I didn’t want to look old.  What’s the rule, if you can still talk, you are okay?  I wasn’t okay, but I got over it.

We enter the room when it’s time for class, I take my seat and nobody sits near me. I’m certain they probably thought I was a teaching assistant or somebody’s mom. The professor is a few minutes late and says, “I’m sure you’ve all introduced each other..”

But we made it around the table, introduced ourselves and got through the material. The girls, including me, had lots to say and only one of the boys had anything to say. One exchange student did make one comment and the one guy who didn’t get the assignment ahead of the time was very quiet. But it was a small group and I’m sure it will work better as the semester goes on.

The professor had been a staffer for a Lt. Governor in a state in the midwest.  So I am hoping he’ll understand the work I do.

I’m not sure what they thought of me, but I saw a couple of the folks on the way out and said good bye.

Tomorrow, I have my first research methods class.