November 25th, 2018

Run, Run, Reindeer…

I’m not a perfect driver, but I am a pretty good one.  I drive a lot for work in all kinds of conditions. I follow the law and I drive hands free. On Saturday night, I was leaving a visitation. A friend of mine’s father died suddenly.  It’s always hard to lose a parent, it’s even more difficult at the holidays. The local country club opened up for a celebration of life and it was really lovely as these things go. As you get older, there are more of these things on your calendar and you are just glad it’s not for you.

So, I’m leaving the location and turning left onto Thompson Bridge Road.  It’s dusk and hard to see. I look and it looks clear both ways and I pull out, Once I’ve gotten too far to change my mind, I see the that lane I’m getting in has a car that’s little closer than I’d like.  So I accelerated and got into the lane. No brakes, just a little closer than the car behind me liked.  So I made eye contact and waved an I’m sorry and went on.

Next thing I know, the car has pulled up beside me and is trying to get my attention. I don’t look because I’m driving at 45 mph. I decide to turn at the next street and park in the Ingles parking lot because I wasn’t 100% sure what to do. The car crosses a lane and turns with me and then follows me into the parking lot. There was a time when I would have parked my car and confronted the person, but not in today’s climate. I decide to exit the parking lot and the person pulls up next to me as I’m turning back onto the road. I get back on the road and then the car gets beside me again. (I’m saying “the car” because I honestly don’t know who was driving, I just recognized the car.)

I should have called 911, but I didn’t think of it. The car pulled beside me again and I hands free called my husband. I wasn’t too far from home at this time and I was going to try to get him to meet me. Then, the car pulled ahead of me and got into my lane and slowed down. At this point, I was very frightened. In that moment, either the driver of the car decided the fun was over or they didn’t expect me to turn again, so when I turned onto the road home, he went straight and it was over.

The driver might have felt vindication through this little scenario, but it was unnecessary. It’s like the guy who passes you at twice the posted speed and then ends up right next to you at the next light.  What’s the point?

People, it’s not necessary to pick a fight about everything and it’s not helpful to terrify folks while you are driving a 4000 lb machine.

Let’s assume the worst. I was completely at fault and cut the car off, there were screeching brakes, and no accident–is it worth going after someone in that case?  Life is too short.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and I’m excited about the next few weeks. I do have a bit of trepidation about the future, but that will be dealt with soon. In my head, I’m patient…let’s leave it at that.

And, I’ll be back at school. Great! More driving.