April 12th, 2021


I turned in my draft and some of the data and now I’m waiting for the notes. So keep you fingers crossed for me. Finally, I was able to get someone from NRCC to get some analysis on the 2020 election as it relates to women running for Congress. I believe they will follow up. We are getting ready for a graduation of some sort and then a celebratory dinner. Then, I will go back to normal, whatever that is.

I turn 62 in August so I can take classes and work towards degrees at no charge. I think I’m going to take U. S. History and see how they are really teaching it. Who knows, I may even teach a few classes. My political career is heating up, also. Lots of people getting in and asking for things.

And then there is travel. I’m looking forward to lots of it. Seeing new places, new things and lots of grandchild time. I can’t wait. Life is good and I am grateful.