February 22nd, 2017

What a Week!

This is becoming a theme. What a week and it’s only Tuesday.  I’m getting worried about getting everything done. Yesterday, I was in south Georgia and had to make it to class.  I was about 45 minutes late.  I hate being late.

But, I am so glad I got there.  Carson was on fire and very funny. I’m a big Downton Abbey fan so I’ve taken to calling my professor, Jamie Carson by his last name only. Adds a little civility to the process. I am actually calling some of my professors by their first names, but it is very foreign to me.

Maybe I was exhausted. I pretty sure that’s a constant state right now.

I have to get some sleep.  But I can sleep after I finish prepping for my class tomorrow.

I won’t do this too much, but I think these tweets are worth sharing.

So, now I’m off to catching up on email, reading for judicial politics, pondering my papers and then getting some sleep. Did I mention I need sleep.