January 21st, 2017

Work and Study: Elections Conference

The prof I have for U. S. Presidents and one of the more senior faculty have a regular recap of elections. I’m not sure how many times they’ve done it, but I think I was several. Originally, the thought was it would be a look at a historic Hillary Clinton presidency.  However, the results came out differently and they had everyone booked so “the show went on.”

It was policy based, so it fit perfectly into my work life responsibilities, too. I love it when  plan comes together.

I have lots of notes, but there are a few observations that were on the top of my mind. The view was pretty balanced ideologically. Honestly, if there’s one person coming from the conservative side, that’s a win, but there was more than that.  I was surprised how few women were there.  It was definitely an “educated white guys” kind of forum.  But the difference I saw in ideology was not so much because of left or right, it was more age related.  The older profs tended to have some experience outside of academia.  Either through military service or something else they did before they were professors. The younger ones, were more of in the straight line continuum.

Another point was on polling.  Several people said the pollsters were right about HRC winning, but she lost the Electoral College.  The question I didn’t get to ask was, why do national polls? They are fun for media, but in academia where we know that you have to win state by state, they are useless.  If the issue is the state polls are bad, then figure out how to make them better.

I am glad I attended.  I’ll have lots to talk about in Monday’s class with Carson.  Gotta run now as I’m way behind in reading and I have class on Monday.