May 19th, 2021

By Georgia, I Think I Did It!

Last Friday, I was conferred a Master of Arts from the University of Georgia in Political Science. My final paper was on Women’s Electoral Success in the GOP. I worked on this paper in different forms for 5 years. It does not normally take 5 years to finish an advanced degree, but I was working, changing jobs and recovering for some of that time, oh and I worked on a campaign. It was a process.

This is how I felt:

My Fair Lady, “By George, You Did It”

I thank all the people I worked with that were flexible with my schedule, all the members of my family that had to work around my schedule and everyone that seemed interested and wanted to hear about the work I was doing. Also, I thank the staff and professors at the University of Georgia and really, and I mean really, could not have done it without them.

I’m a lifelong learner and next I will be applying for non degree status and I’m going to take some undergraduate political science and history classes. We complain about how are kids are taught today, so I’m going to see for myself and you might see me show up teaching some of those classes, you never know.