November 23rd, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

The best holiday of the year.  Other than great food, good company and very interesting conversation with friends and family, there’s no pressure.  I’ll have lots to share about my grad school experience and the rumors about my boss, so that will be fun.

My parents always had dramatic Thanksgivings…most holidays for that matter.  Although my Dad’s family came from eastern Germany, he was olive complected and looked a bit Italian.  He was a very handsome man.  So I’m thinking there was some passion in there and in our family holidays. There was always lots of hand waving and expressive comments and talk of politics.

My husband comes from a family that doesn’t talk that much. I think that’s why we work.  But I will say, thankfully, in our empty nest phase, we really have found we still have a lot in common.  That’s always the fear,  you know.  You spend a generation raising your family, going in different directions, hoping to have more time together and then you wonder who the other person is.  That didn’t happen with us and I’m thankful for that. We’ve had a hell of a year with my husband’s cancer, chemo and finally, a clean scan last month so…

This year, I’m thankful for health, family, friends, learning. I’m thankful for Richard, Shane, Stef, Robert, Madison, Neil, Lacey, Alex, Ryan, Kevin and all my other colleagues and teachers.  You’re making me much more interesting at the Thanksgiving table.

I’m thankful for David, Derrick, the Katherines, Samantha, Colin and especially, Joyce and all my other work colleagues.

And finally, Lin, the kids, their wives, my family and very especially, the boys who make me Oma–James, August and Benji.

And really finally, I am thankful for a loving God who when I will quiet my life and listen, He will speak to me and calm me and give me hope for tomorrow.

I’ll be signing out til later in the week with all the preparations of the holiday. But I will be organizing in my mind all the work I have left to do and I will get it done.

Last night, I finished my lit review and now I’m ready to write.