November 29th, 2016

Life Happens

You know how holidays (Zollaholidays) can be wonderful and stressful all at the same time.  I am in my last week of classes and they are wonderful and stressful all at the same time. American Politics was great on Monday.  We each discuss a piece we’ve read and then get feedback.  I usually go early in the session because I’m nerdy like that, but this time I was dying to discuss the Senate confirmation and SCOTUS one and it was the last piece.  So I waited.  Actually, I let a couple of people know I wanted that one to present and then I gave them the look.

I’m surrendering.  I’ve been told by many people that I’m intimidating.  I’ve never bought it.  I do have a big personality.  I am a “White Tornado” at times and I talk—a lot. But I’ll do anything for anyone, I’ll apologize even if it’s not my fault and I generally come up with ways to bring divergent sides together. Most importantly, I’m painfully aware of what my flaws are–believe me. But I have to face facts. Perception is reality and I must, by that definition, be intimidating.

There’s a story I’ll tell when it’s not so close to the surface, so remind me to tell it.  It’s about trust and pain and I’m in a lot of it right now. But I must trudge on and make things work.

So here’s what on tap.  My research design project presentation is tomorrow.  My final readings for American Politics for Monday–and it’s about the media, so right up my alley. The Lit Review paper is due then, too–in hard copy. Let’s go kill some trees.  No, really, it seems some digital age snowflakes have used the computer ate my homework, or it must be in spam as an excuse to get things in late and not be penalized for it.  Both of my professors have said, “Bring me a hard copy.”

And then finally–drumroll please–the open book, open note test in American Politics.  I’ve actually taken a vacation day so that I can have no interruptions on this one. It is so “Mission: Impossible.” Email the professor when you open the test, then you have 24 hours to complete the test.  Email the professor when you’ve finished and then turn in a hard copy.  Whew!