August 25th, 2016

Professor’s Office Hours

I missed a class on Monday because my boss was in town and I was staffing him. So, since these are discussion classes, you have to meet with the professor to talk over the material if you miss a class. I got to the office on time and we talked about the material at length.

The worst part was he said I had a good idea for a research paper and I took a note on it and when I went back to look for it, I couldn’t read my own writing! I’m married to a doctor.  They are notorious for their bad handwriting.  However, my husband’s writing is beautifully legible and mine, shall we say, is not.

It’s not a glamorous life being a research professor. You have to teach classes, do research, write papers and hope to bring money into the university.  The SPIA school, as it’s called at UGA, is in old buildings on North Campus. But it’s expanding and upgrading.  Currently, offices are in several buildings and classes in several others. Dr. Vining’s office was at the end of a narrow hall in one of the older buildings.