May 5th, 2020

School’s Out For Summer….

School’s out forever…as the Alice Cooper song says. When will we get back to normal? I’m not sure we ever will but I will be working on the data set for my paper over the summer and completing my Masters degree this Fall. I can’t wait. I can tell you my 6 year old grandson is bummed there’s no t-ball this spring!

I had a relative call me and he said, I went to your website… I thought, great, he’s going to read my cute little stories about being in grad school in my 50s, ugh 60s–did I mention I was going part time? There is nothing controversial in any of these posts. In the cancel culture, one has to be afraid of being misread. But, alas, he was in a tizzy about a retweet from my Twitter feed on the front page. If you go to @marthazoller on Twitter, you will see “retweets are not endorsements.”

I think he was probably lonely and scared at the beginning of the Covid-19 scare and he was lashing out, but he said some really hurtful things. I am a very strong woman and because of that people think they can be mean to me with no consequence. I can take it, right? Well, I’m still hurt and I know what I need to to him, but I’m just not there yet. I remember when my older siblings would say, “We wouldn’t tease you if we didn’t love you so much.” To that I say, “Don’t love me so much!”

Back to school. I can’t wait for Fall and some semblance of normalcy. And there will be lots of research in the future on what the cost of this is. Here’s what I worry about. The effect on young children and their affection for their families. The effect on young love and how people meet and develop relationships. The effect on socializing. And finally, the effect on free speech. Now the other side of the coin is the crazy people clogging the streets this weekend in Midtown Atlanta but that’s a conversation for another day.