July 22nd, 2022

The Best of the Martha Zoller Show – Week of July 18-22

I’m back from vacation and hit the ground running this week on the Martha Zoller Show! I started with an in-depth discussion with UGA Ph.D. candidate Jake Truscott about this year’s Supreme Court docket, and what next year might look like. If you would like to read his analysis and summary, I posted it here too.

We also have an interesting conversation about liberal messaging in a broad sense. There are several talking points right now that don’t hold up against logic, but it doesn’t seem to matter. For example, the WNBA player who is detained in Russia has become a conversation about privilege and discrimination because there are claims that people would pay more attention if it were LeBron James. Maybe this is because no one watches the WNBA at all, and not because she’s a gay woman.

And, the left is blaming the Dobbs decision on Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump instead of recognizing the lack of Democrat action when it was available. Democrats could have codified Roe v. Wade for years but chose to focus on other issues with their majorities. They have no one to blame but themselves.

I close this week’s podcast with a conversation with my friend Ron Hart. We talked about the benefits of the Dobbs decision and the fact that returning abortion laws to the states might actually make it easier to access abortion in some areas.

It’s a long episode but it’s full of great stuff. I hope you enjoy!

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