April 6th, 2023

Why the Trump Indictment is Bad for America

Why the Trump Indictment is So Bad for America

By Martha Zoller


Many of the of the pundits on all sides commented on the “sad day for America” which was the indictment of former President Donald Trump. But none of them get why it was sad. And it is more than sad, it’s wrong. I don’t mean that a president is above the law, but the Pandora’s Box that will be opened and the unintended consequences are many. Just wait until President Biden is out of office. If you think the same thing is not going to happen to him, you are dreaming. There is an old saying — “a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.” And that is what we are seeing today.


Alvin Bragg, the DA of NYC, said, “We cannot and will not normalize serious criminal activity.” Nice sentiment, but not from a guy who produced a list of violent crimes he was not going to prosecute and is the DA for a city that people are once again afraid to visit.


I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I voted for him twice, but his inability to lead has lost me. I am in the camp of he did a good job, but I am tired of the complaining. He had an opportunity on the night of his arraignment to take the high road and be presidential and he continued to spew the lies of the “stolen election of 2020,” But, this will help him in a GAGOP primary and then he will lose the general election of 2024 and then Democrats will get another term to lurch this country more into the progressive pit.


If he would use his rallies to talk about what he accomplished instead of who he is mad at today, he would have won reelection and he would not be in the firestorm he is in today.


The trying of a former or current president of the United States is bad for the country and the indictment in NYC is a “trumped up” dossier. Sound familiar? Former President Trump is not above the law. However, if you look at history, President Gerald Ford pardoned Former President Nixon because it was best for the country. He sacrificed his political future to do what was best for the country. I know this won’t happen, but if President Biden loved this country, he would pardon Donald Trump and put an end to all of this. But he won’t do it because he loves power and the money he’s made on it more than this country.


My priorities are that I am Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, American, Georgian, Republican…in that order. If President Biden were the Catholic he says he is, he would put an end to this and pardon Donald J. Trump otherwise, he will be needing the next president’s pardon himself.