January 9th, 2019

Who Needs Sleep?

I do. But I’m not getting it right now. We are in the final week leading up to the swearing in of the governor of Georgia and every night something wakes me up. Two nights ago, it was how are we getting something to Ft. Benning for the Military Appreciation Breakfast. Last night, it was how are we going to get the counts up for the Law Enforcement Appreciation event. Tonight, it is how am I going to cover all my other obligations over the next few days….

Also, my dog died this week. My beautiful Mollie, the St. Bernard, had congestive heart failure and it got the best of her. She had a good few weeks after the diagnosis, but in the end, she couldn’t get to the other side and be better. It was heartbreaking.

And class starts on Thursday but I will miss the first class, but I’ve talked to the professor and we’ll meet on the Tuesday after. Then next week, I’ll get into the rhythm of going to class and starting a new job. It will be fun and I’m expecting many sleepless nights.

Did I tell you we are swearing in a new governor? It’s going to be great and I’ll have much more to say about the process in future blogs. An enlightening experience.