December 16th, 2017

And Now the Wait Begins…

And now the wait begins for grades and the success of my beloved Georgia Bulldogs.

I’ve turned everything in and I’m waiting for my grades.  My math exam wasn’t worse than I expected but I don’t think I did well.  I closed the exam out with a very nice note to my professor that my work through the semester was a solid “C,” so I will be begging for a “C” in this course.  I’m competitive and until I got to grad school, I would have never accepted less than a “B” in any course for myself.  I’m a smart girl and I should do better.  But this math class kicked my butt and I will be happy with a “C.”

I asked my other professor for an extra day for my paper and he gave me through the weekend. I think I have a really good idea for a paper that could become a dissertation, but I don’t have the data I need. But I think I could develop the data in another 6 months–so I pitched that idea.  I don’t know if he’ll take me up on my offer or accept my explanation, but I’m hoping.

I only took one day of the extra time offered because it’s time to move on to Christmas revelry. Today, I’m going to a Christmas party with my girlfriends and tomorrow I’m baking with my extended family and I haven’t finished Christmas shopping.  I’m a Mom and and Oma and I have work to do!  I’m officially in the Christmas spirit so when my grades come out on December 19th, I will be okay.

Next semester, I’m taking one class because I’ll be helping Brian Kemp in his primary on my own time so I have to give something up so I have some “own time” to give. Also, we have a grandchild coming in March and a my niece is having her first child in May, so I need a little time.  I’ll be in school a long time, but I can’t put my life off completely.  I will survive and I will succeed.

Also, there’s some other news in my future that will be very good. I’ll keep you posted.

So, all’s well that ends well and I’m using the power of positive thinking to have it end well. Go Dawgs!