November 16th, 2016

Bit by Bit…Putting it Together

And the best thing about being a grad student so far…tonight…is I joined Apple Music for only 5 bucks a month.  I love Apple Music. The real best thing(s) about being in grad school is the learning, the people, the access to the library and the challenge.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I have old and quirky music tastes.  To get motivated, I usually start thinking of a song.  I’ve got to make some progress on my writing projects this week, big progress.  My process is the get the idea in my head, do research, think about it, think about it some more and then I get this “click” in my head and I’m ready to work.  Sometimes it’s at the last minute, but usually, I start in plenty of time. I think I got this from 20 years of live radio work.  Thirty seconds is really a long time when you have to fill it with something interesting.  And 15 page papers that are the start of  your research that will hopefully become a dissertation is a lot of writing.

So tonight, I’m buckling down and getting going on my writing.  Getting involved in the process and approaching it “bit by bit.”