January 20th, 2021

The Final Semester, Maybe?

I’m back in school with my final semester for my Masters degree and it will be independent study. I’ve met with my professors and we’ve worked out a game plan to finish my final paper on women’s electoral success in the GOP. I’m very happy that the GOP ran more women than they ever have and more women won. What’s interesting, though not surprising, is they are not a coalition…yet.

In addition, I’m finishing my paper from last semester since I was MIA for the last 4 weeks due to my lung abscess and had to take an Incomplete in the Constitutional Law course I was taking. My paper will be about the Supreme Court and citizenship. My hypothesis is that as more has been required of citizens related to taxes and bureaucracy, there have been more challenges to the parameters of citizenship. When our nation only had a few departments, no income taxes and many fewer fiscal requirements of citizens, people didn’t really want strong guidelines on who is a citizen. The 1910 Census only asked if you were a permanent resident. So I’m having fun, reading and writing.

Personally, I’m in that sandwich generation. I help my kids with their kids and now my in-laws are ill and need help. So everybody wants a piece of me. Ironically, since I’m so identified with politics, people think I’m on top of everything all the time. I usually am, but this 3 month period with lots of serious illness and recovery have me a little off kilter. The beauty of it is, my head is clear, I know what I believe and I’m writing a great deal.

At this time, I won’t pursue my PhD. I just can do the additional math. I have to accept my limitations, but as Dean Auer said, “Martha, you have a practical PhD.” I will accept that as true. I’m thankful I’ve taken this journey as I’ve learned so much. I will be writing more as the semester progresses. And if you are not learning, you are not living.