October 31st, 2016

Feeling Back on Track

Got to campus early for class and met with my research methods professor.  Got my research design framework straightened out and talked a little.

Then had plenty of time to walk across north campus and get to Peabody Hall for American Politics. This week was really good.  I recognized several of the authors from other readings we’ve done.  I’m starting to get a feel for who does what in this field I’ve chosen.

After reaching out to a few folks and asking for help where I’m struggling, I’m feeling back on track.

Work-wise, it’s been great, too.  We have had a run of a few days where we’ve really accomplished some things for constituents. There are always many works on progress, but it’s good when you can close the books on some request and the Georgian you are helping is basically happy with the outcome. So a good day all around.

After class, I talked with that professor about the literature review and I am thinking I know what I’m doing in both of these writing assignments and I have a pretty good idea of the time they will take.

It was Halloween and a few students had dressed up for class.