October 13th, 2019

Here we go again!

While I am telling you that I will be encouraging all my young grandchildren to take higher math when they are young, I still don’t feel any better about my mid-term.

I can stand in front of a group of 10s of thousands on the steps of the Capitol as I did in 2009 and not be nervous. I can wrangle children (and adults) of all ages and not be nervous. I can walk into any room and strike up a conversation with anyone and not be nervous. I can study for hours and feel like I’m ready and then when the time comes I CANNOT remember the most basic things I studied.

Most basic is not quite fair, it was R Code. My nemesis for the last three years. Even with the ability to look up the code and just cut and paste it in, I make some silly mistake and the code won’t work. There is nothing more frustrating than that and a timer on the top of your online test. Tick….tick….tick….

Thankfully, it was only 19% of the test. I’m guessing I got it half right and feel pretty good about the other questions. I can get a C on this midterm and my overall grade will still be good. Here’s hoping.

Other than the three hours on Thursday afternoon, life is good, so I am not going to complain anymore about it. I’m going to do what I always do, pick myself up, dust myself off and move on to the next challenge and hope for a better outcome.

Note from Martha: I got a B! Hooray!