October 25th, 2017

I Really Want to Go Back to Scotland

We loved Scotland.  My husband’s first trip out of the country, except for a cruise to the Bahamas and a trip to Acapulco in college, was our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Scotland.  That was a golfing vacation for him and for me it was a vacation to be with him.  You see, I like my husband and we love being together.  We were a blended family so we never had that newlywed time and we are having it now.  My greatest fear of my married life would be we’d get to this point in our life and ask, “Who are you?”  We didn’t ask it and we still like each other.  We think we are really hot, too, so don’t burst our bubble. That first trip was in 2015. In 2016, we dealt with cancer and then went back to Scotland in 2017 and  loved it.  We added London on to the trip and next time in 2019, we are adding Copenhagen. We visit all the cities of students we’ve hosted through GRSP and we love it.

I finished almost all of my math homework but I think breaking my brain over Calculus I’ve never had before and trying to learn it in three weeks made me think of running away to Scotland. I really would like to live there if it was only me.   But it’s not only me and I have kids and grandkids and a husband who says he wants to move to Scotland but has a semi truck load of tools that would have to be shipped there. Not going to happen, so we’ll travel there and it will be something I’ll dream about when I’m in between assignments.

This week, I’m looking past math and to Legislative Process and next semester.  When can I finish a Master’s Degree is the question of the day. I really just want to teach freshmen the entry level political science course and write articles and books. Do I need a PhD for that? I’m not sure and my advisor and I will be talking about that tomorrow.