January 25th, 2023

It’s the Debt Ceiling, Stupid!

Many videos are surfacing of Senator Biden or Vice President Biden talking about working together with Tea Partiers and with cross-partisan groups of people on debt ceilings and budgets. But for some reason, today is different. He says, “No negotiation.” Well, that’s not leadership.


Here’s what he should do. The Sen. Rand Paul plan. It’s simple. Go back to the 2019 budget—remember 2019? Before Covid, or as I like to call it…BC. That would take all the Covid bloated spending out of the budget and it would be a budget that could be executed within the revenues we are taking in and might reduce the debt a bit. And if we hold to that for 5 to 10 years, we can get this debt going in the right direction…down!


I’m not a no debt person. Governments may need to carry some debt, but 31.2 trillion and climbing is not some debt, it’s too much debt. President Biden needs to exercise the leadership of Senator Biden and Vice President Biden and work with all sides of an issue.


If I were the president’s Chief of Staff, God forbid, I would say, “Mr. President, you need to do two things with Speaker McCarthy and Leader Schumer at your side. First, acknowledge there has clearly been shotty handling of classified documents and we need a new process. There is probably too many documents labeled classified or higher and kept their for too long. Second, we are going back to the 2019 budget and going to make it work with all the Covid spending taken out. Then, we are going to get back to regular order and run this country right and with proper leadership and cooperation.” That’s what leadership looks like.

I have little faith that this will happen until we get the 75 year old+ people out of politics, but I am going to be on the leadership train so tune in every day on AccessWDUN.com and marthazoller.com and follow my podcast every week.