November 4th, 2016

Just a Little Curve Ball

You remember I had to miss class on Wednesday. So, I got with a colleague to get the notes and I emailed the professor and he said okay but we were splitting up into groups and would have a project and my group would email me. I waited. On Friday morning, I called the person I got the notes from and she told me who was in my group. I had the number of one of the people and I called him.

I think I may have awakened him.  I hate doing that but being a morning person, I am guilty of waking people on a regular basis. We talked for a few minutes and I got a few more details.  The project is due Wednesday!  What!?! He said he would be seeing one of the group members that afternoon and would get back with me.

I am the worst at this.  I am good in a group, because I’m the one that keeps the group organized.  I am a little “nudgy” about it.  I can see another scheduling conflict and I can’t do badly on this assignment.  After the midterm I had–yes, it’s that class–I can’t do badly on anything else. I feel out of control on this one.

So I couldn’t wait.  I emailed the other two members of the group and asked them to call me when they could or send me their number. One person got back to me.  He’d actually put a some thought into this and said he’d send an email out later. Good, the email comes from him and not from me. He sent the email as promised (thank you) and I responded back–3 times.  Once to say thanks, once to say I would look into Jennifer Lawless since she has lots of published stuff that’s recent and in an area I’m interested in and once to send two suggestions from Jennifer Lawless to critique and review.

I am that person.  So, I’m finishing up my Monday reading, so I’ll be ready to work on the Wednesday project whenever it comes up and I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous.

Oh, and, Go Cubbies!