May 12th, 2018

Knee Surgery, Yikes!

I had knee surgery Thursday. I had a torn meniscus but when the surgeon got in there he fixed the tear but found that my knee is a lot worse off than the MRI showed. Basically, I need both knees replaced.  So, I asked him to send the reports to my doctor husband and when I do my follow up from this surgery, we’ll talk about it. My deductibles and out of pockets have been met for this year so I could get them both done this year, but do I really want to do that? I’m not sure.

And I need “As” in both of my classes this fall so I have a lot of my plate.

Overall, I’m doing great.  I had a little pain coming out of surgery and did get some IV pain meds in the recovery room. Then I got home a couple of hours later and was able to manage well from a mobility standpoint as well as not much pain. A little Advil for pain and aspirin to prevent clotting did the trick.  Oh, and an ice pack.  Tomorrow, we’ll take the wrap off. I’ll put the water proof bandages on and take a shower.

I worked from home yesterday and it all went well.

My issues are hereditary.  I’m not sure if they are gender related.  My grandmother and my mother had terrible problems with their knees and osteoarthritis. I’ve been pretty active throughout my life but rarely and athlete. I’m not that graceful. Two things I would tell my 18 year old self? Take higher math in college even if it’s not required and keep moving and bending at the knees.  That’s three things, but you get it.