August 29th, 2016

Make New Friends…

Had my Pre Seminar in American Politics today. Got into some opinion discussion today. We talked about how they are formed, how to measure them. As usual, the girls talk the most, but everyone participated this week. There are some stereotypes of Democrats being more educated than Republicans. Actually, that’s a flip in the last 20 years.

Before class, I waited in the hall and met one of my classmates. I asked him if there was a study group for any of these classes and there was. He took my email and said he’d put me on the list. Then, after class I talked to the precocious 2nd year student in graduate classes about Gertrude Bell and the Middle East. I used my “’the Brits drew the lines, so it’s their fault” line and she laughed and agreed. I’m starting to fit in.

Also, I have very cool kids.  My oldest is a VM Ware expert, middle son is an engineer, youngest son is a cell biologist and my daughter is an actress. She’s dating a guy who did the one or two music videos for a band called “of Montreal.” So, I’m sitting in the back row of my research methods class on the end next to the wall.  My colleagues on the row are very fun.  They were talking about a band they were going to see.  I said, “My daughter’s boyfriend did the music video for some band named after a Canadian city.” They said, “Of Montreal? Very cool!”  I think I felt as cool as I did when I was asked to join the Junior League. And that was good.

I’m really enjoying my time in class.  I’m a couple of weeks in and things are going well.