April 4th, 2017

Mr. Google. Hey, Mr. Google!

One of my favorite Carpenters songs is “Mr. Guder.” But for these purposes, it’s “Mr. Google.” My father-in-law says, “Ask Mr. Google about this….or that…”

I got an email from GSuite, I didn’t even know I had GSuite.  I think there’s been a name change and that’s the confusion.  The email said that my credit card had expired.  I looked at the credit card I use for AdWords and it was several years from expiring so I thought it might be a phishing email.  I reached out to the team that manages this website and they said it looked real.  So I went about logging in and trying to update my information and figure out what I’m paying for. I hate that.  I’m usually good with technology and keeping up with what is coming in and going out every month.  I know it’s only $10 a month, but it’s $10 dollars a month.

Of course with all the searching and troubleshooting and “link following” I did, I couldn’t get to the right screen.  Then I remembered and I searched my Gmail before it was shut down–just kidding, Mr. Google–and there it was. I had a problem in 2013 and I had set up an admin for my 2 Gmail accounts and I couldn’t find the admin and the password, so I was stuck.

Next I reached back out to my web guy and he gave me a contact to a real person! Hooray! Then I reached out to them and tonight I am going to talk to a real person and get this straightened out and put that admin login and password somewhere I can find it. Maybe, iCloud. Just kidding, Mr. Google.

I am an Apple gal since 2013, but gotta have Google Chrome with it. Actually, I’m a weird hybrid.  My personal phone and stuff technological is Apple and my work phone is Android, so Google. During the day, I have to switch back and forth many times between the two.

I love Google. I don’t know what we did without them.  All the people I’ve met who work for Google love where they work and they are company for future. I use Gmail, Google chat, Google maps, Google drive, Google calendar and my new favorite is Google scholar. But what do I really want? Google fiber.

Thank you to all the folks at Google who understood that sometimes a woman of a certain age who is a digital immigrant but is pretty good with her systems and devices needs to talk to a real person to straighten something out. Thank you, Google!

Am I too old to work for Google?