August 22nd, 2019

Pretty Good First Week

I’m not completely overwhelmed. Since I’ve been in the methods/math phase of my degree where I have at least one class that it mostly math I haven’t had since 1975, I’m always stressed out. Teamwork is the key. In the second class, I had a tutor and in this class, we have a study group. I’m feeling better all the way around.

In my Judicial Politics class, I was bowled over with how smart everyone was and how much they already knew about the subject. I’m going to really have to step up my game in this class. I know the Constitution and the Federalist papers, but the research reading is new to me.

I am spending three days on campus this week and next week but then I hope to settle into a 2 day a week schedule. As much as I love driving to Athens, less is more.

I’m getting ready for my birthday this weekend and having the family over. I’m thankful I’m not already behind and I can enjoy the weekend. It’s all about time management and team work. I will keep you posted.