August 31st, 2017

Rainy Days

I am certainly not comparing my day to any of the rainy days in Texas.  I can’t imagine what they are going through and my prayers go out to all our leaders, first responders and all the average everyday people who are doing what they can from donating water to using their own vehicles to rescue people.

I chased the rain all day.  It was overcast when I left the house this AM and started raining when I got to the Chamber meeting in Upson County. I made it through that and I drove through the rain to Athens and my class. I was an hour late but I’m not complaining because I was stuck in traffic about 30 miles from Athens because of a wreck.  My thought process is if I’d been a few minutes earlier or faster, I might have been in the wreck, so I can wait.

I emailed my professor and messaged Madison, so people knew I was late.  Thank goodness he let me turn my homework in and didn’t count it as late. You can get 4 points for each homework assignment and I’m thinking I got 3 ish. We shall see.

Did I understand my math class? There were ebbs and flows.  It took me a few minutes to settle down and then focus, but after that, I think I got some of it.  I’m still not sure about “R” programming and LaTeX, but I think practice makes perfect.

Tonight, I’m paying bills, catching up on email and finishing my reading.  I think it will be more like skimming as my first appointment tomorrow is at 7:30 AM and I’ve got to get some sleep.

Sweet dreams!