February 12th, 2017

Rested and Recharged!

Got my paper back after class on Monday and got a B+. Also, got some really good feedback from the professor on the content.  He said I was a little too journalistic–not surprising–and I needed to be more critical and more detailed with longer paragraphs.  Also, not surprising feedback to a woman who has been writing 600 word columns for 20 years.

One of the other students was waiting to talk to the professor and offered me her paper to review. She got an A and I was very happy to take the paper and read it. We are colleagues. This woman has been a friend from the beginning.  She’s younger than I am, everyone is, but a little closer in age and circumstance. I am amazed at what she can do. The best part of being back in school is new and different friends, especially the women. No offense, guys, I love you, but strong women need other strong women.

In the next two weeks, I’ve got meetings with last semester’s professors to get feedback on my papers and then I’ll meet with the graduate advisor to map out next year.  I’m moving along.

I needed to be in Jekyll Island for a couple of meetings, so I missed my Wednesday class due to travel. Not a bad place to have to go, if you have to go somewhere. I’ve been involved with Jekyll Island for more than 10 years and from the first time I broadcasted from there to now, it’s been a transformation for the better. So I took a couple of days to work in South Georgia and to relax with my husband. I guess I could say I’m rested and recharged.

I’ve got a little health thing going on and I will be getting some tests tomorrow.  I’m sure it’s nothing, but my husband (a primary care physician) had “that look” on his face when I was describing the symptoms. I know “that look.” He’s reviewing all the dread diseases it could be and told me what blood tests to ask for from my primary care doc.  Yes, I’m married to one and I have my own doc.  It’s the only way it works.  If you use your spouse as your doctor, he either doesn’t care at all or thinks you are dying.  Of course, we are all dying, I’m just not planning on it until 2050 or later. As Jim Gaffigan said, “We all want to live longer, but just how much longer?”

So on this Sunday, I listened to The Lutheran Hour instead of going to church and then I’m reading, studying and writing…reading, studying and writing–then some laundry, visits with family, pick up Caroline and go to the grocery store.  I am the American Women!