April 1st, 2017

Saturday, Musicals and Reset

I’m never going to be down for long. I know I have a challenge to get everything done by the end of the semester with work, family, work…did I say work?  I also do some volunteering.  I’ve “unwound” myself from most of the work I’ve done, but even then, everyone–and I mean everyone–wants to have an end of the year event.  I’m seeing a train wreck coming.  But if I stay organized, I’ll be fine.

And did I say I travel I-85 North and South more than most do.  I already have a pretty flexible schedule as far as working remotely.  I’m blessed in that.  However, there are certain times, I have to be in Atlanta every day and usually I don’t have control of the schedule.  But if I stay organized, I’ll be fine.

This weekend, I am catching up at home and studying.  Other than my brother-in-law’s 60th birthday dinner and going to church with my daughter tomorrow, I’m pretty open as far as responsibilities of my time. I had planned ahead as far as meal prep and it will basically, be a family meal eaten out of I’ve already got it prepared and I can warm it up for my husband.  Thankfully, if he liked it the first night, he’ll love it as leftovers. But if I stay organized, I’ll be fine.

So, it’s almost noon and I’m ready to start.  I got up, did my walk (you can’t leave exercise out when you’re stressed), paid the bills, sang along with “A Chorus Line” and caught up on all my email and now am ready to start my study time.  I have until about 4:15 pm and then it’s get cleaned up and out to dinner with the birthday boy!  And if I stay organized, I’ll be fine.

In that time, I’ll do the reading for U. S. Presidency, review the notes from that reading that could be used in the research paper for that class, write the last summary for that class–realistically, that will happen tomorrow. After that, most of my weekly assignments will be done and I can spend all the time I have putting together the work I’ve already done on my research papers and then completing them. And if I stay organized, I’ll be fine.

I still may not make it, but I have a plan.  Let’s just hope it’s not like a James Bond movie and that light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting smaller!

And if I stay organized, I’ll be fine.