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May 5th, 2018

Done, but not finished–My kinda midterms!

There’s a big story going on in the background of my life that I can’t talk about for legal reasons, but I can assure you I am holding up to my “stress magnet” moniker. However, I finished my exam and for the first time in 6 math exams since I’ve been in grad school (three midterms and three finals), I

May 3rd, 2018

Tomorrow is the Day (or Night) of Reckoning

Tomorrow is my final exam in OLS. I’ll be studying all night. Well, all night for a 50 something–which is about 10 pm.  Tomorrow, I’ll meet up with some classmates to study and then take the exam.  Depending on the results will determine if I graduate in December 2019 or later. I hope it’s not later. I have had a

April 22nd, 2018

Back to Basics!

I’m back from the trip to Kentucky and caring for grandchildren.  Of course, I had a mountain of work to do at work when I returned and I mainly spend “organizational time” for my homework and math class.  I’ve laid out what I still need to do between now and the exam and will try to stick to that schedule.