August 18th, 2022

The Best of The Martha Show – Week of August 8-12

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Peter Pitts from the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest joins the show to explain the process of pharmaceutical manufacturing, specifically when it comes to concerns about China’s involvement. Every drug for sale in the US has been manufactured in a FDA approved facility, but yes, those facilities could be overseas. The concern is how reliant we may have to become on China for the medicines we need for our daily lives. We discuss the need for cutting pharmaceutical drug prices, the exploration and creation of new drugs, and the affects of advertisements for certain drugs.

Next I talk to David Loyn, a former BBC reporter who shares his perspective on Afghanistan one year after the fall of Kabul. The Taliban has not kept their end of the deal so the Biden Administration was successful in targeting and taking out al-Zawahiri. As much of a win as that is, does an American attack like this make things better or worse?

To close, Lisa Wexler, a judge and lawyer, explains the legality of the FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago and what the Attorney General should do going forward. She busts the myth that the Florida Magistrate Judge was appointed by the former President, but that this judge was appointed by other federal judges in the state of Florida during President Trump’s term. She also clarifies the alleged connection this judge may have had with the Epstein trial. All Americans are entitled to a defense, and a defense should not be held against an attorney, in Lisa’s opinion. She shares a lot of great insight into the American people’s rights and the DoJ.

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