December 6th, 2016

The Home Stretch

I have family coming in this weekend and I’m not going to want to do school work. So here’s the plan.  Tomorrow and Thursday, I will finish the research design revision and then Friday, take the open book, open note test for pre-seminar to American Politics. Then I’m done til January. One down, 9 to go–roughly.

I met with a UGA friend of mine today and got to talk a little about what I’ve done this semester.  I’m really happy and proud about it. Also, blogging about the experience has been like therapy.

I’m still concerned about my research design grade in lieu of the very bad, very terrible midterm. But I think I’ve excelled in the rest of the class.  So, fingers crossed, prayers said.

This weekend, I’ll be baking, decorating, exchanging gifts, laughing and little wine.

I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes.