December 9th, 2016

When It Got Right Down To It

I took a couple of days off to finish my exams and papers.  I’m not finished yet, but have been writing for 4 hours and decided to do a quick blog post, a few social media interactions, a shower and then back down here to read and revise.

On the family front, I promised to be finished by tonight and have the dining room returned back to dining and not to my complete “spread out” of work for grad school and peppered with packages that need to be wrapped.  I am a woman on the 21st century, I can do it all. Tonight at about midnight, 2 of my grandsons will appear tired and ready to go to bed along with a tired middle son who drove them here.  So I need to be Oma this weekend–an all inclusive weekend with tree decorating, stolen baking (that’s a German fruit cake more or less) and package wrapping for the family members who won’t be here on Christmas day.  My goal is being done by the stroke of midnight tonight where I turn into the Christmas fairy from now until January 4. Lots of Hallmark Christmas movies and family coming and going, whew!

So after this brief interlude, I’ll finish my work, print it out and then head over to Athens to deliver the hard copies.

Did I mention I have to go to the grocery store–and lose 50 lbs by Christmas–next Christmas! LOL