November 8th, 2016

Who Killed the Coattails?

I must admit, I stole that line from class today. We were reading about and discussing The Executive Branch, both Federal and State, and one of the last pieces we discussed was about coattails relating to state legislatures and governor’s races.  I probably should use the proper word, “gubernatorial,” but I just hate that word.  Always have.  A word that starts with “guber” just can’t be taken seriously and now it reminds me of the “Gruber” guy who cast the American people as dupes in the Obamacare debate, but I digress.  I really digress…

This was one of those days that shouldn’t have worked out.  I’ve talked about the train wreck scheduling that happens from time to time and this could have been one of those days.  Had all the regular staff meetings this morning, then off to Rotary club. I had a 2 pm meeting with my advisor, then 2:30 weekly work scheduling call, then class at 3:30, meeting with group at 5:30, drive home, finish my work day, write the blog and go to bed.  But it all fell into place, actually, ran a little ahead of schedule. It’s great when  plan comes together.

Class was good and the meeting for the group project for Wednesday’s class went great.  We’ve laid out the plan through Wednesday and I think it’s going to work.  But again, I’ve realized I have to read more for research design and not content. One of my classmates said, we should learn the design first then take the classes about content.  I think he’s right.


And 24 hours from now, we should know who the next president will be.  Will it be a she or a he? The polls open at 7 am tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted and you are registered and you’ve given some thought to this, get out and vote. I’m Martha Zoller and I approve this message.