December 31st, 2018

Almost Class Time

I’m a 59 year old graduate student. Next week, I’ll be meeting with my graduate advisor around my work schedule, which is massive until January the 17th. Am I always that busy? It seems so. I’ve always been a stress magnet and I think it gives me something to live for.

I’ve communicated with my professors this week and I’ve bought the books I can. I use e-books now and it means I can have them with me all the time and any time I have to read, I can. I wonder if textbooks come from Audible? Nope, not yet.

I cannot wait to get back to class. Just being on campus makes me feel better, younger, stronger. And the readings I do are so much more than the daily news reading out there.

I was got my oil changed this morning because I drive for a living. There was a man there and we struck up a conversation–as I always do in public places–I make conversation. My kids always hated that but now I think they kind of respect it. We started talking about news and how things are written. In the old days when I was young, you had to have several sources before you published something. Now, it seems, being first is more important than being accurate. So what can you believe? You have to educate yourself.

I mean to restore the trust in sources. I am educating myself in every way I can so that I can talk about more than the next Netflix docu-drama or a poorly sourced article.

I’m ready for class to begin! Did I say, “I can’t wait?”