November 6th, 2016

Fall Back

Yes, it’s that day again.  The day you get the hour of sleep back you lost in the Spring.  Yippee!

I woke up at the usual time but it was an hour earlier. I thought, “This will be the day I get caught up.”  And largely, I was right. I got to church, picked up my GRSP student, met my son halfway to Athens to give him something he left at the house.  Came home, worked on Christmas presents–we’ll talk more about that soon. Watched an hour of a new Hallmark Movie.  I needed the happy ending to get me going again and will be spending this evening, organizing my literature review for Dr. Vining’s class. I’ll probably do a little reading ahead of my group meeting tomorrow and continue mentally organizing my research design project.

For me, before I sit down and write, I have to think a little bit.  Put the ideas in the back of my head and let them mull around a little bit.  Then I hear a “click” in my head and I’m ready to go.

I can work under pressure and actually like it, but if I can plan, think and mull around a little bit, it’s much better.