August 19th, 2016

The 1st Bump In the Road

I have a full time job and I had planned to start my reading for next week last night. In this world of working and going to school, it’s all about time management. And the best thing is, I’m really not watching TV. Not that I was a TV junkie, but I like certain shows and I like to watch them. I still “appointment watch” a few things—like I can’t wait for the 3rd season of Younger on TV Land, and I usually live tweet it, but this year…I may be binge watching on a Saturday.

So, back to the reading. I ended up having to work late and then a hour drive home. Got to the house about 10, so I wasn’t in the frame of mind to start reading. But I’m a morning person, so I’ll get up early and start. In fact, I’m sitting here right now with a stack of books figuring out where to start.

The other bump in the road? There are all these parties I’m getting invited to and  they usually fall after a development lecture by a noted political scientist. I really can’t go most of the time. What’s my biggest fear? I’ll want to do this full time? I think that’s the second time I’ve thought about that. We’ll go more into that later.

It’s really not possible to do this full time–right now. But I’ve come up with a plan.  This is the 1st semester.  I can’t do anything “extra”  My job for this time period is to balance the work for school and the work for work…my family and personal life, too.  This will take 5 to 7 years to complete and I can do more as the time goes on.  I’ll run this idea past my advisor and see what he thinks.