September 6th, 2017

The Sleepless Nights are Starting

I’m a worrier, I always have been.  I got it from my mother. But I worry about the usual things–my family, friends but especially, deadlines.

I think I’m good with my homework for this week.  I was able to complete 3 out of 4 of the problems and all my obstacles to studying every day are out of the way. I’m finally in the routine.  It’s just going to be this way as long as I’m working for a senator.  When school starts in mid-August, we are in the middle of state travel and I have to staff him sometimes. I think for the rest of the program (about 4 years), I’ll be behind in August.  But now that I’ve identified that, I can work with it.

It’s only been three weeks, I can’t be that far behind.  Repeat! Until next week, anyway.

I’ve been so focused on the math part of my drama, I haven’t said much about the legislative process class. My professor talks even more than I do.  He knows so much and he can just keep going.  This is not bad, because he focuses on the things I’m not doing, like understanding the numbers behind the process and reading material for process and not content.  Hence, the name “Legislative Process.” I just had to use “hence” one time.

So, tonight I got to class and when I get home, I’ll study until Younger comes on. The best 30 minutes on television even if the story is getting so twisted and complicated, it adds to my stress. I can’t stop watching.