August 20th, 2016

Weekend Studying–

This thing is all about time management. You know, the going back to school thing. I spent early Friday evening reading for my Monday class. Now, I’m not going to be in my Monday class. I’m staffing my boss at events ending in North Hall County after 7 pm. But I’ve arranged a time later in the week to sit down with my professor and discuss the material. I figured I didn’t want to get out of the rhythm of managing my reading time. As my mom always said, “Things are gonna come up, Martha. You need to have a plan.” So I’m reading Monday’s readings for Intro to American Politics now and will read the Research Methods starting on Sunday night.

I’m loving it. I had a really great discussion on Sunday morning with my resident chemist and husband, Lin, on research methods. While we’ve always loved talking to each other, it’s nice after 26 years of marriage to have new things to talk about.

There’s a remote access to the library that allows me to download any reading I need wherever I am. Even though I’m dying to be on campus more, I don’t have to be and I can level the playing field, if you will, with the students that are there every day. Do wish I could be there every day? No! I love my work life, too.

Good problem to have, good choices everywhere.

I can’t wait to get to class this week.


And I woke up this morning….

There’s an old song. The lyrics go, “And I work up this morning, you were on my mind..” We’ll you weren’t on my mind at 3 am this morning, but reading Dr. Singh’s KW, KKV and Putnum chapter 1 was on my mind. So I got up and spend 2 hours reading the assignment for my Wednesday classes.

I definitely will be reading them again, cause I’m not sure the middle of the night reading sticks. But I did make notes and will be ready for class on Wednesday.