October 22nd, 2017

Will I Or Won’t I…

While I still have the issues of missing classes in the beginning of the semester in the “math” class, I did make a “C” on the midterm. What was amazing about that was I had 4 problems that counted for 6 points that I couldn’t do and so out of 26 possible points I only could have gotten 20 points.  I got 19.45 out of those 20. The worst grade in the class, but I’m happy about it! The final exam is a paper and pencil exam and I think I will do well on that so I stayed in the class.  This keeps me going on my program on time and allows me to take the next course in the sequence next semester.  If I make a “C” overall in the math class.  That’s a lot of ifs, but it’s enough to keep me in.

Last week was a very long week, but I did a couple of things important.  I got my eating back on track.  Not that I was eating too much.  I’ve lost 30 lbs since last year and the goal is after the first of the year to lose 20 more, but I wasn’t feeling as good. I think there was a little salt and meat getting back in there and it was making me feel bad.  Also, I picked up a bug in the office and was really running with an empty tank all week but made it through all my responsibilities.  I took yesterday totally off and will study today.

Last night we went to see Suzanne’s new play. She was great in it and it was entertaining just a little out of the realm of what we are used to.  We’re old and it was a little avant garde.  However, we got to hear her sing on stage and she was in two of the short plays. It was good solid work that paid.  The women in the project, Weird Sisters Theater Project, are very talented and I think this will be a great way for her to get more paid work and that’s the goal.

Next weekend, we’ll have the grandkids with us.  The weekend after that we go to Jekyll Island for the 10th anniversary of the Turtle Hospital.  Suzanne and I are going to NYC for her birthday and then, the holidays will be here. I already had the lights put up on the house and we need to get to Kentucky one weekend.  I have one final reaction paper to do, lots of reading, a research paper and study, study, study for the math final.  By George, I think I will do it.