November 3rd, 2016

Workin’ and Practicin’

Today was supposed to be a class day.  I met with my professor on Monday, got my research design worked out and today we were going to split up in groups and talk about the right way to write a paper. I was prepared.  What’s the old saying about the best laid plans?

Side note: I work more than full time for a U. S. Senator. I’m lucky that I have a team around me and superiors that value education. But today it didn’t all work out for school, but it worked out for the best.

About 10:30 am I was at the office and we were going over the day’s schedule. When the boss is in town, I sometimes staff him and especially if it’s a press hit, since I spent 20 years in the business. He was going over to one of the cable news networks and had an interview at 4 pm. I needed to be there and class was 60 miles away at 3:30 pm.  Train wreck.

So I texted one of my classmates and asked if I could get notes from her and then I emailed my professor, explained the situation and asked if it would be okay for me to miss class today. Then I waited, not too long, and he said it would be fine. Whew!

So later that afternoon, I accompanied my boss and all was right with the world.


While I was out, I received my readings for my other class on Monday and all is back on schedule again.

I believe I’ve headed off the next crisis the first week in December, but I’ll have to wait to tell you about that one, so stay tuned.

While I don’t think Bob Seger meant “workin’ and practicin'” the same way I do in the post, I think you will get the drift: