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December 11th, 2023

What’s the Buzz? Social Media

What’s the Buzz? Social Media By Martha Zoller   I’m not sure if we even know the impact of social media on things like politics or the discourse. There are groups of people who think they matter more because they are on social media. My friend, Audrey Mullen, called me in 2024 and said, “You need to be on Facebook.

September 22nd, 2018

Getting a Grip

I love social media–most of the time. I started as a way to post columns and keep up with my kids. Then, it’s become a tool to be engaged and keep up with my out of town kids and grandkids.  I’ve used it through my media career, run for Congress and work on multiple political campaigns. Recently, I was representing

September 9th, 2018

It’s Been a Great, Wild Week

Can we use the word “great” any more? If not, it is very sad.  One of my favorite movies of recent years is “The Greatest Showman,” so if I can’t celebrate being the “greatest,” that would be sad. This is a discussion for another time. I’m using a beautiful shot of the Morgan County Courthouse in Georgia by Diane Webb.